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Here is a few press articles about me

Interview about me published in june 2016 in Yoga Magazine

Article about Yin Yoga published in september 2016  in Yoga Journal France

Answer in Courrier des lecteurs of Yoga Magazine January 17 "Pain & Yoga"

Press article "Tribune sur la Joie" in Yoga Magazine May 17

Answer in Courrier des lecteurs in Yoga Magazine Nov. 17 "Pain and Yin Yoga"

Interview of me in Esprit Yoga Spring 2018

Dragon Dance sequence in Esprit Yoga September 2018

Interview hors série "Guide du Yoga" 2019

My book « Yin Yoga, Méditation-Lâcher-Prise –

Simplicité » has been published in March 2018 by Editions First. It offers an easy approach to Yin Yoga with mainy sequences to do at home.