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I have been assisting Biff Mithoefer during his modules of Yin Yoga teacher trainings until one day he asked me if I wish to offer the trainings as well. Since then I offer Yin Yoga teacher trainings that are recognized by the Yoga Alliance as 50H of continuing education. Valentina Duna is now sharing the teaching part with me (

If you wish to organize a Yin Yoga teacher training at your yoga studio, contact me!

Module 2

Module 1

This is the module to follow to have the basic principles to teach Yin Yoga.

Yin Yoga uses long held postures that support us in accessing the deeper, more Yin parts of ourselves. In this 5-day training we will look at how this practice with its ancient yogic roots can affect our physical, energetic and emotional bodies. Through this understanding we will explore ways to lead a Yin class, and to incorporate Yin postures and philosophy into any practice.

The training will include

•             Taoist philosophy

•             The Yin practice of non-striving and how it influences our lives and our                       teaching

•             The movement of Qi or Prana in the body, and how it can be affected by                    Yin practice

•             Anatomy and the understanding of our own natural pattern (li)

•             Sequencing a Yin class

•             What it means to hold a safe, sacred space for a Yin practice

The training is suitable for Yoga teachers and experienced practitioners who wish to deepen their Yin practice.

Level one training consists of approximately:

•             18 hours of Teacher training / practice

•             12 hours of anatomy / physiology

•             8 hours of teaching methodology

•             5 hours Yoga philosophy / lifestyle & ethics

•             2 hours of practicum


Total 45 contact hours. Students are then required to do a minimum of 10 hours of independent study. Students will received a certificate for their 50 hours Yin Yoga teacher training after having sent the final exam. This training is recognized by the Yoga Alliance as «continuing education» and can be added to the previous hours of Teacher trainings.


This module is the equivalent to part one Taoism, anatomy and sequencing. It will enable the students to follow part two embracing the Yin path, and part 3 story telling and Yin Yoga with Biff Mithoefer. The 50H of the module 1 with me can be taken into account if you are doing the 200H with Biff Mithoefer.


Next trainings:

Chens sur Léman, 21-26/10/22

Status: Registration open
Organisator: Chanting Root 


750 € early bird (before 08/21/22), after 850 €.


Module 2

 It is a complementary module to add extra tools to your classes as a Yin Yoga teacher.

This module allow to go deeper in our understanding of the Yin practice studying other limbs to enrich our path as students and as teachers to enrich our tools to transmit. We recommend that you have been following module 1 before to do 2. Nevertheless if you wish to join the module 2 without having completed the module 1 please contact us.

Yin Yoga was created by Paul Grilley, and his wife Suzee Grilley, whose fertile teachings gave birth to the beautiful sequences of « Dragon Dances ». Those dances are inspired by Qi Gong and Vinyasa Yoga. They are complimentary to the Yin Yoga as they create movement and harmony between breathing and the body. The Dragon Dances help to produce heat and rhythm to make the energy flows.


In this 5 days training called “The Art of Subtleness”, the intention is to bring a better listening to ourselves in our practices and daily lives, how do we stand in this world? How do we move from one posture to another, from one action to the next, from one thought to a dream, from a word to silence?


We will study four different Dragon Dances, and also learn the keys to create them. We will invite you to explore the subtleness and fluidity in the Yang movement.


To refine our senses we will also learn and practice Yoga of Sound (“Nâada Yoga”) in order to feel how the vibration can transform ourselves. How the sacred sound can nourish the path to the Self and nourish the tree of the Wisdom of Life.


We will also study a few poses of Restorative Yoga to be able to add them into a Yin Yoga sequence and also give precious tools for teachers with their private students.


Finally we will deepen our understanding of Taoist philosophy and history that was introduce in the module 1.


Content of the teaching:

-             In depth Taoism: philosophy and history

-             Restorative yoga: benefits, poses and how to integrate them in a                   Yin Yoga practice.

-             Sound Yoga/ Nâada Yoga:  awakening to the subtlety of the                          etheric and astral bodies, learning the quiet listening of Life.

-             Dragon Dances: 4 sequences, general principles and benefits,                       how to create your own sequence.


16h hours of practices

15 hours of theory

10 hours of Yoga of sound

4 hours of Yoga philosophy and Tao

Total: 45 hours contact. After the 5 days, we will ask a personal home practice of 3 weeks (any time after the TT with a limited period of a year) that will be reflected in a “homework”. Once this is completed and approved you will receive the certification of 50 hours that can be counted as continuing education with Yoga Alliance.)

Next trainings:

NANTES 25/07 - 30/07/22

Contact: Samantha,

SAMOENS 21 - 26/08/22

Contact : Khaoula,

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